Judge Throws Out Case Against Black Lives Matter, Says a Movement Can’t Be Sued

By Kenrya Rankin Sep 28, 2017

A federal judge ruled today (September 28) that, much like the Civil Rights Movement and the Tea Party, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a social movement that cannot be sued.

After he was hit with a rock during a protest in the wake of Alton Sterling’s death at the hands of two Baton Rouge Police Department officers, an anonymous officer filed suit against the movement, alleging that BLM is responsible for his injury.

Per The Associated Press, U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson wrote the following in his 24-page ruling: “Although many entities have utilized the phrase ‘Black lives matter’ in their titles or business designations, ‘Black Lives Matter’ itself is not an entity of any sort.”

The suit also named DeRay Mckesson as a defendant, though he is is not a leader of Black Lives Matter. The movement was founded by three Black women: Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza.

The officer isn’t the first to attempt to sue BLM. In September 2016, Dallas Police Department sergeant Demetrick Pennie filed a class action suit that named BLM, the Nation of Islam, former President Barack Obama and many others as defendants after Micah Xavier allegedly killed several of his colleagues.