Judge to decide violation in Duke case; Mike Nifong apologizes

By The News Jul 26, 2007

The ex-persecutor in the Duke rape trial Mike Nifong is facing his final fate in the case he aggressively pursued against white Duke University Lacrosse members accused of raping a Black woman. After withholding key evidence from the defense that had the men acquitted, Nifong was charged with misconduct. Today he apologized for falsely accusing the men in a hearing to decide if he should be held in criminal violation, the Associated Press reported. But this hearing just seems too ceremonious, like a mock lynching to assuage white people’s fear around the case and the three men who, though wrongfully accused, were hardly cleared of the down-n-dirty behavior that got them into this mess in the first place. If Nifong is found to be in violation, is this going to be white people’s O.J. Simpson case?