Jose Antonio Vargas continues to make the media’s rounds after coming out as an [undocumented immigrant ]( a tell-all essay in the [New York Times Magazine]( Last week, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist appeared on the [Rachel Maddow show]( to talk about his story and fight for the DREAM Act. Now, he talks it up with [New America Media’s Odette Keeley]( and gives a more nuanced perspective on his decision to reveal his status. "I run against a lot of those stereotypes," Vargas says about what propelled him to tell his story. I am Filipino…I majored in Political Science and minored in Black Studies at San Francisco State." He also addresses some of the limitations of the DREAM Act which, even if it’s eventually passed, will still leave an estimated [67 percent of undocumented youth]( without a path to citizenship. But he also hones in on an important point: "No person is ‘illegal.’"