Jorge Ramos Condemns ‘Trump Effect’ On Immigrants’ Children in New Interview

By Sameer Rao Oct 25, 2016

Univision and Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos believes in what numerous political analysts call the "Trump effect"—the idea that regardless of whether or not he wins, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s relentless racist dog-whistling has already damaged the country’s racial climate.

"A part of the ‘Trump effect’ is the fear and anxiety that he is creating in the youngest in our country," said Ramos, addressing the campaign’s effect on children with undocumented immigrant parents, in a new interview with ReMezcla. "For them, they are following the election, but they don’t care who is going to win. But they are afraid if Donald Trump wins, their parents or their grandma who takes care of them will be deported. My frustration is that I can’t tell them it’s going to be OK because I don’t know. That’s the truth."

Fusion’s new documentary, "Hate Rising," features Ramos traveling the country and speaking with White supremacists and survivors of hate crimes to demonstrate how Trump’s candidacy galvanized xenophobic and Islamophobic movements. Ramos elaborated on one of those interviews, with a Ku Klux Klan leader:

I talked to an Imperial Wizard of one KKK group in Texas. He’s a racist. He told me openly that because he’s White and I’m Latino, he’s superior to me. That’s precisely the problem. White supremacist groups are afraid and are very angry because they are becoming a minority in the United States. By 2044, Whites not Hispanics will be the minority. It’s already happening in Texas, California and New Mexico. They believe we are taking their jobs and political power and opportunity. Whenever you have economic problems or security problems in a country, they tend to blame immigrants. That’s what Trump is doing. They’re wrong.

"Hate Rising" premiered on Sunday (October 23) and will re-air tonight.