Jordan Peele Brings Trademark Boundary Breaking Vision to the ‘Twilight Zone’ Reboot

By Tiarra Mukherjee Mar 29, 2019

While Jordan Peele’s “Us” continues its box office dominance, CBS Access released a new extended trailer from the comedian-turned-socially conscious director’s reboot of "The Twilight Zone" on March 27,  Time reported.  The series begins airing on CBS’s subscription service, All Access, on April 1.

Peele grabbed headlines this week when he told The Hollywood Reporter that “I don’t see myself casting a white guy as the lead” in regards to the shortage of represenation in Hollywooed, and the "Twilight" trailer makes good on his word: it feature a diverse mix of actors of color, including Sanaa Lathan, Kumal Nanjani, John Cho, Tracey Morgan, and of course, Peele himself in the Rod Serling role. 

The extended clip is true to Peele’s reputation for breaking boundaries in casting, with a sizeable number of comedians taking unexpected dramatic turns—much how the record-breaking director broke out from sketch comedy on MADtv and later “Key & Peele” to become a master of horror and suspense. Refreshingly, Peele doesn’t forget his roots.  

Creating a buzz with critics is an episode called “Replay,” written by veteran hip hop journalist Selwyn Seyfu Hinds. It stars Sanaa Lathan as a mother driving with her son (Damson Idris) to his first day at an historically Black college when a White cop pulls them over. The officer’s casual racism quickly escalates into a tragic interaction, whose seemingly inevitable ending can only be avoided through the wormhole of time travel. The episode will be a conversation starter when it airs April 11, with Vulture calling it “a cautionary tale about the impotence of camera-as-witness in the face of state-sanctioned oppression.”

Watch the trailer below: