Join The Day of Action Against SB1070 Tomorrow In Phoenix

By Julianne Hing May 28, 2010

Tomorrow in Phoenix, tens of thousands will be meeting at Steele Indian School Park at 8AM for a pre-rally and performances before starting a six-mile march (at 10AM, for the sleepyheads) south past the Wells Fargo bank, the federal court house, before ending in front of the state capitol. The march was organized to stand up against SB1070, the Arizona law that authorizes law enforcement officials to stop and question anyone they deem "reasonably suspicious" of being in the country without papers. Pablo Alvarado of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network said SB1070 was about much more than just Arizona, or even just a law that would target immigrants and people of color. "I have two beautiful children," Alvarado said. "And they are just as dark as I am. I don’t want them to go to Arizona and be stopped. SB1070 is not just about immigration reform, it’s about people of color and targeting people because of how they look. Our fight shouldn’t be just about immigration reform but about justice. People of color and vulnerable communities must be protected by the federal government." Folks from all over the country are caravanning their way to the city, but for everyone that can’t make it to Arizona, you can join the "virtual march" by signing a petition at affirming immigrants’ rights and standing against laws like SB 1070 that threaten people’s basic rights.