Jesse Lee Peterson “shocks” Hannity [VIDEO]

By Channing Kennedy Feb 04, 2009

It’s common knowledge that if a Black commentator is on Fox News, he or she is there to, oh let’s say "raise an issue" about the Black community. And by "raise an issue," we of course mean "say something that would so endanger one’s credibility as a rational person that even a Fox News anchor dare not speak it." And yet, even with those expectations in place, the masters of the Fox News Black Pundit game manage to surprise. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, whose previous hits include the assertion that Black slavery was a gift from God and that slave ships were comparable to "riding on a crowded airplane", brings the heat today. This clip, from the February 3 episode of Hannity, starts with Sean Hannity and Alicia Menendez having what nearly passes for a debate about whether the tax snafus of Obama’s cabinet picks definitively prove that Obama is a socialist, or, conversely, if they merely strongly imply that he is. Peterson patiently waits to be called on, at which point he "expands the issue" with: “I think we all agree that Barack Obama was elected by, mostly by black racists and white guilty people. Most black Americans, 96 percent of them, are racist toward white Americans. And white folks feel guilty and they are afraid of being called racists." And it’s another home run for Peterson! Hannity expresses surprise as readily as a veteran informercial actor, giving Peterson the opening to assert his authority on the matter, and to tie the Black community to both socialism and petty crime in the same breath. (A note: News Hounds credits Hannity for straying from his usual schtick of tacitly approving Peterson’s statements, but I don’t.) Again, there’s nothing terribly novel here. And with Peterson and his ilk continuing to be presented by Fox News as figures of authority on their communities, we can expect to keep hearing their voices in the MSM conversation on race. Let’s make sure we call them out and drown them out in turn. Clip found on News Hounds, which gets more detailed on Peterson’s history with Hannity.