Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has returned to a Minnesota Mayo Clinic hospital for "an evaluation." [The AP reported Tuesday]( that the clinic confirmed Jackson was back at the facility for a follow-up evaluation "to ensure he is on the path to properly manage his health." Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr., the congressman’s father, told the AP the evaluation may lead to a longer stay. An [anonymous source earlier this year claimed Jackson]( "has severe clinical depression, a drinking problem or a problem with alcohol." More recent however claim Jackson is battling bipolar disorder. Jackson Jr., is facing re-election in November but a close friend who visited him Monday says he may not return to Congress. llinois congressman Danny Davis told [Reuters]( Jackson was frail and emotional during the meeting on Monday. Davis said there is a "strong possibility" Jackson, a Democrat who is expected to easily win re-election on November 6, will eventually return to Congress. "But if you had to bet on it, you’d probably want to stay out of it," Davis told Reuters. "You just can’t tell. We don’t know as much about mental health and mental illness as we need to know." Jackson has not appeared in public since the beginning of the summer.