Jesse Jackson Apologizes to Obama; Gentrification Pushing Historic Drummers Out of Harlem

By The News Jul 10, 2008

African Drummers Not Accepted in Harlem Anymore Though a group of African drummers has been playing in Marcus Garvey Park since the 1960s, complaints about them have risen in recent years. Majority of the complaints come from the new residents moving into these areas, mostly white professionals. New York Times. AMA Apologizes to Black Doctors Recently, the American Medical Association has made a statement where they apologize for the conditions they have put Black doctors in the past and are looking forward to change. Chicago Tribune. Gasoline Prices Affects the World’s Market Gas prices have not only affected the United States economy, but it has impacted the market in places like China, Somalia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mexico. The increase in gasoline prices has become a threat many families’ way of living. In Nairobi, this increase in costs even impacts a child’s schooling. Los Angeles Times. Jesse Jackson Apologizes for Criticizing Obama While whispering at a television studio, Jesse Jackson criticized Obama about how he “talks down to Black people”. Unaware that his microphone was on, his comment was heard. Thus, Jesse Jackson apologized for his satements regarding Obama and says he still fully supports his campaign. Chicago Tribune.