Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda Team Up for Song to Benefit Pulse Massacre Victims

By Sameer Rao Jul 05, 2016

Two of the Puerto Rican diaspora’s biggest stars teamed up for a new tribute to the 49 predominantly LGBTQ and Latinx people massacred at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub last month.


Jennifer Lopez and Lin-Manuel Miranda announced their collaboration for the song "Love Make The World Go Round" with a teaser video yesterday (July 4). The video features the pop star and "Hamilton" creator in a recording studio while a song snippet plays in the background. "What we got is love even when the sinners hate us/We cannot let them diminish or intimidate us," Miranda raps in the clip.

While neither artist shared a release date, proceeds from the song’s sales will benefit the survivors and those who lost loved ones during the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. The funds will go directly towards Proyecto Somos Orlando, a program organized by Orlando-based community advocates and administered through the Hispanic Foundation. According to its website, Proyecto Somos Orlando aims to provide holistic health support to those affected by the tragedy:

The days, weeks, months and even years following will be a time of healing for our nation, but especially for victims and the families of the victims. Proyecto Somos Orlando will address the long-term needs for mental health services that are culturally competent and bilingual. Proyecto will enable care to be delivered to those affected directly in the communities in which they live. Beyond emergency assistance, they will be provided with case management, crisis intervention and mental health services, among other needs. 

(H/t Rolling Stone)