‘Jena Six’ Defendant Released on Bail; CA Schools Use New Affirmative Action

By The News Sep 28, 2007

Mychal Bell, One of ‘Jena Six,’ Released on Bail Bell, who was released on $45,000 bail Thursday, still faces trial as a juvenile in December. California Universities Find New Ways to Acknowledge Race Called ‘The New Affirmative Action,’ some California schools have devised creative methods to get around Prop. 209 that prevents them using race as a criterion for admission to increase the low number of Black students. Columbia Expands Into Harlem, Gives 20 Million to Neighborhood With a plan to acquire 17 acres of Harlem for expansion, Columbia offers $20 million to start a fund to build affordable housing in the neighborhood, and contribute additional money for local parks and playgrounds. Some Harlem officials see Columbia’s plan as a "good faith effort." Until Supreme Court Ruling, States Slow Executions After the Supreme Court’s decision this week to determine the constitutionality of execution, some death penalty states like Alabama have slowed executions to reconsider lethal injection.