Jena Six Anniversary; House Prepares Vote on Filipino Vet Bills

By The News Sep 22, 2008

House to Vote on Filipino Veterans Bill "The House of Representatives is expected to vote next week on a bill with a pension provision for 18,000 qualified Filipino and Filipino American World War II nonservice (no combat-related injury) veterans." Malaya. Barack Obama, John McCain and the Language of Race Brent Staples provides historical context for "uppity" and other racially coded words used by the GOP recently. New York Times. Hospitals’ funding for migrant care in jeopardy "A federal government program that pays Arizona hospitals more than $30 million a year to offset unpaid bills for emergency care provided to undocumented immigrants likely will end next week." Arizona Republic. Jena Six – A Year Later A year ago, rallies in support of the Jena Six were held in Jena, La., and elsewhere in the US. How have things changed? Black Voices. Alice Walker: Americans need a leader with a heart What our country desperately needs is a leader who loves us. The Guardian.