Jay Smooth Takes Chris Brown to School With a History Lesson

Quit crying, Chris. You've got it pretty easy.

By Jorge Rivas Mar 25, 2011

Ill Doctrine’s Jay Smooth isn’t letting Chris Brown off so easy. Brown’s stated before that he believes the public has forgiven him for physically assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna. Earlier this week he told Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts that the incident is in the past and he’s not interested in discussing it. But Jay Smooth offered the singer this humbling reality check:

I’ve never seen someone complain so much about getting off so easy for doing something so bad. Chris Brown you did something a couple of years ago that was really horrible. One of the consequences of doing something really horrible is that when you come back out a couple of years later to talk about your new album is some people might also ask about that horrible thing you just did.

If the biggest price you pay for that horrible thing you did is that you have to answer some tough interview questions… you’re getting off really easy."

Jay Smooth goes on to remind Brown that people like Muhammad Ali and Paul Robeson, who did nothing wrong but stand up for their beliefs, were actually persecuted, blacklisted and sent to jail. 

"You on the other hand did something horribly wrong, you brutally physically assaulted a woman, a woman you supposedly loved, that you beat to a pulp and then left her alone in that car so you could go get a head start on your PR strategy," Smooth says in the video.