Ill Doctrine and producer Jay Smooth was a guest on "All in with Chris Hayes" on Thursday night to discuss film critic Roger Ebert’s legacy. Ebert, died Thursday, two days after revealing cancer returned to his body. "That was one of the things I valued about him as a hip-hop critic, the way he was just as curious and serious about so-called low art and high art and bring down arbitrarary distictions that often carry a lot race baggage, class baggage, and other sorts of baggage with them," Jay Smooth said on "All in with Chris Hayes" on Thursday night. "He helped model a relationship of popular art and carve out a critical landscape where something like hip-hop culture could be treated with the respect and culture it deserves." The Chicago Sun-Times, the base of operations for Ebert’s syndicated reviews, [announced Ebert passed away at the age of 70.](