Japanese-American Weekly Paper Now In Print, and Other News

By The News Sep 21, 2009

Japanese-American Newspaper Gets New Life In San Francisco, a group of community leaders and journalists recently started the Nichi Bei Weekly, a Japanese-American newspaper. Despite pressures on print publications to scale down or close entirely, New America Media reports that readership among ethnic communities has increased 16 percent in the last four years. Muslim Youth Practice Faith Through Punk Many young Muslims are finding themselves immersed in Taqwacore – a kind of hard rock scene that encourages Muslim youth to express their spirituality through punk music. The growing movement has become a way for second-generation Arab youth to let music reflect their beliefs and help them engage their cultural and religious identity. RI Law School Students To Represent Undocumented Immigrants In Rhode Island, the Roger Williams law school has established a new immigration law clinic in which students, under the supervision of a professor, will represent currently detained immigrants facing deportation. Last year, Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri announced a crackdown on undocumented immigrants. Community Center Assists African Refugees Hussein Samatar, a former Somali refugee and now a banker in Minneapolis, heads the African Development Center (ADC), an organization providing training, technical assistance, and loans to African immigrants and refugees.