Janet Mock to Anna Holmes: ‘I Am Completely In Tune With Myself’

By Jamilah King Mar 03, 2015

In the second installment of Fusion’s "Self Evidence" series, Anna Holmes talks with Janet Mock about the incredible journey she’s had since coming out in "Marie Claire" back in 2011.

"So much of my journey, specifically growing up as this young trans girl, was about fighting other people’s expectations of how they expected me to kind of be or to perform gender or to perform self," she tells Holmes. "I knew that that was the first step in being able to free myself from, I think, a self imposed silence that I put on. Once I stopped being silent I don’t think it’s a surprise that I was able to free myself, right? Be more authentic. And tap into, as Oprah would say, my inner greatness."

(h/t Fusion)