Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s book sales skyrocketed last week after the famous wagging finger incident and this past weekend she used the same incident to raise political campaign contributions. And she’s switched up to story to make her sound like a maverick.

Last week, Brewer said that, despite the widely circulated photo of her with her finger a few inches from Obama’s face, said she "really wasn’t pointing at him."

"We could have been talking about a lot of different things," Brewer explained then, saying she respects the office of the president. "And I would never be disrespectful in that manner."

But on her website for supporters, Brewer said she was holding the President accountable.

"I was telling him, ‘You have ONE more year,’ " she writes, a clear reference to the upcoming presidential race.

"The president needs to be reminded that he is the president of the FEDERAL REPUBLIC and not a KING lording over state governors."

And then she went in for the ask: "Donate today to Jan PAC and help me stop President Obama in 2012 and others like him who are taking our country down the wrong path," she wrote on her website.