Jackie Robinson Actor to Star in James Brown Biopic

The Godfather of Soul's got a story to tell. And Hollywood's about to tell it.

By Jamilah King Aug 27, 2013

Chadwick Boseman is known to many as the star of last year’s contrversial hit him "42", which chronicled Jackie Robinson’s first year integrating Major League Baseball. Now the actor is working on a new project of another black icon: James Brown.

The film will reportedly focus on Brown’s path from an impoverished childhood in Georgia to his rise as The Godfather of Soul.

Brown’s story is far from simple, as Sean Flynn brilliantly detailed in his 2008 GQ piece. Here’s the short version: "When James Brown died on Christmas Day 2006, he left behind a fortune worth tens, maybe hundreds, of millions of dollars. The problem is, he also left behind fourteen children, sixteen grandchildren, eight mothers of his children, several mistresses, thirty lawyers, a former manager, an aging dancer, a longtime valet, and a sister who’s really not a sister but calls herself the Godsister of Soul anyway. All of whom want a piece of his legacy."

(Via The Grio)