A new music video by R&B artist Chapter for her song "It’s Free Swipe Yo EBT" mocks black women on public assistance programs.

In her satirical video, Chapter plays Keywanda, a young mother of ten who deals with the "stress of her children’s fathers." And according to the video, Keywanda lives with very few worries because she’s on several public assistance programs. Among other subjects, this song mostly takes aim at the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program and Section 8 vouchers which make both food and housing available to parents.

The songs’ chorus is "all you have to do is fuck and nine months later you’re getting the big bucks."

At the :54 second mark before the song is introduced, Keywanda kindly reminds viewers "this is where your money goes."

The bio on Chapter’s website identifies her as an R&B artist who’s work is suppose to empower women and children, of all races.

"Chapter is a new R&B Pop artist who combines her music and poetry into a truthful experience of life. Her message within her art is real and if it happens to offend people that is not her intent. Her intent is to create a thought, or feeling which can break you out of the fear, box, life which makes you unhappy and inspires you to move. Empowerment to all, men, women and children, of all races all over the world. With love."

The music video, uploaded last Friday to YouTube has been seen by 31,000 viewers.