Issa Rae Inks Production Deal to Uplift Marginalized Screenwriters

By Sameer Rao Dec 12, 2018

Variety magazine reported yesterday (December 11) that Issa Rae ("Insecure") signed a multi-picture production deal with Columbia Pictures. But it’s not for her own projects; the agreement instead creates a pipeline for emerging screenwriters from marginalized groups. 

According to Variety, the deal enables Rae’s production company ColorCreative to "work with and back projects from emerging, diverse screenwriters." Rae will guide a to-be-announced group of writers as they create feature projects for Columbia. Columbia’s vice president of production Bryan Smiley will oversee this process.

“Working with Bryan Smiley and Columbia Pictures to further the mission ColorCreative set out to achieve four years ago, in creating access for underrepresented writers, has been a dream come true,” Rae told Variety and other media outlets. “All of the projects we are working on are fresh and promising, and we can’t wait to continue the work. We hope to set a precedent and inspire the industry at large to invest in undiscovered talent, original IP and fresh stories and perspectives.”