Israeli Soldiers Advertise War Crimes on T-shirts, and Other News

By The News Mar 24, 2009

Israeli Soldiers’ Shirts Joke About Killing Arabs Military misconduct charges against the Israeli Army increase as several soldiers were caught wearing t-shirts printed with an image of a pregnant veiled woman caught between two rifles with the slogan “1 Shot 2 Kills.” AP. Improved HIV Treatment Bill Reintroduced to Congress New York Congressman Eliot Engel, California Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen introduced to Congress a bill that would extend Medicaid to low-income people living with HIV. Currently, applicants must have developed AIDS to qualify for Medicaid. Ros-Lehtinen website. Arkansas Rejects In-State Tuition Bill for Immigrants The Senate panel rejected the bill introduced by Senator Joyce Elliott that would have granted in-state tuition for any student who attended high school in the state for at least three years and has a high school diploma. AP. Interior Secretary Vows Solution to Crime on the Rez Obama’s Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, has promised to work with the Department of Justice and tribal authorities to help stem crime on reservations. With high unemployment rates, poverty and little access to healthcare, authorities are looking for creative solutions to stop violence on the Rez. Seattle Times.