Israel Rejects Darfur Refugees; Sharpton OKs Imus’ Return on Conditions

By The News Aug 20, 2007

Israel Rejects Refugees from Darfur Ironically, Israel, a political state created after the persecution of a people, plans to turn away all refugees from Darfur seeking asylum from their war torn region. BBC. Sharpton has terms for Imus’ return Rev. Al Sharpton gives a green light for Imus’s return to radio, but says Imus should discuss his racist comments with an on-air ombudsman among other things to prove his apology’s authenticity. Boston Herald. CA Superintendent: Achievement gaps point to race not class The latest standardized test results show Black and Latino students scored lower than their white and Asian counterparts irrespective of income. Los Angeles Times. U.S. health experts downplay racial disparities Former U.S. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Richard Carmona and Dr. Warren Jones, executive director, Mississippi Institute for the Improvement of Geographical Minority Health Disparities misdiagnose the chronic health problems within communities of color as “a color-blind issue that all Americans share.” Baltimore Times.