Isiah Thomas Guilty; Indian Americans Follow Jewish Community Political Model

By The News Oct 02, 2007

Jews Serve As ‘Model Minority’ For Indian Americans Replicating the community centers and political action committees that Jews have utilized greatly, Indian Americans hope mimicking organizations like the Anti-Defamation League will yield similar political clout for their community. New York Times. Anita Hill Responds to Thomas’ Memoir Sixteen years after the Senate confirmation hearings on Clarence Thomas’ appointment to the Supreme Court, Anita Hill attempts to set the record straight as she disputes her portrayal by Thomas in his new memoir. New York Times SF Courts Extend Ban On Immigrant Employment Rules A San Francisco judge added ten days to a ban on Bush’s immigration raid rules because he said the rules put undue burden on employers to know the status of workers. New York Times. Isiah Thomas Guilty Of Sexual Harassment After telling the court that he believes it is more offensive for a white man to use the b-word in reference to Black women than a Black man, Isiah Thomas’s jury found him guilty of sexual harassment towrads Anucha Browne Sanders. A later ruling will decide if Thomas will pay punitive damages. Washington Post. Philadelphia Residents Say Programs, Not Manpower Will Curb Violence The plan to put 10,000 men on the streets for 90 days is the latest effort by Philly’s Black community to curb violence, residents think differently. They say, "the young people who pull guns and deal drugs need jobs, recreation centers, after-school programs and, most of all, parents who care for them." New York Times. CA Dragging Death Evokes James Byrd While Yuba City police investigate if race was motivation for the dragging death of a Black man, people remember James Byrd’s dragging death in Texas. Associated Press.