Iraq: Five Years Later; Md. Noose Hate Crime Bill

By The News Mar 19, 2008

Md. Introduces Noose Hate Crime Bill Maryland’s House of Delegates have introduced a bill that will make it a hate crime to display a noose in certain instances. A increasingly popular symbol of hate in recent months, nooses are not covered by current law while burning crosses and other hateful symbols are. ABC 2 News Obama Gives Historic Speech On Tuesday, Barack Obama delivered a speech that many consider the most significant public discussion of race in decades. New York Times. March 20 in Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day On March 20, the second annual National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day will bring an opportunity to increase protection from and prevention of this disease for Native Americans. Indian Country Today. It’s Been Five Years in Iraq For a majority of people in the United State, today marks the fifth anniversary of the start of an Iraq war that was not worth fighting, one that has cost thousands of lives and more than half a trillion dollars. MSNBC.