Iowa Caucus Begins; Military Contractor Pays $2.5 Million in Racism Lawsuit

By The News Jan 03, 2008

First ’08 Primaries Begin Iowans heard the last of campaign speeches on Wednesday night as the Iowa caucuses proceed today. NY Times. U.S. Passport Cards Ready by April In an effort to tighten border security, a passport card containing a computer chip, will be issued to Americans crossing the U.S-Mexico and U.S-Canadian border as early as April. Critics of the passport card raise concerns about issues of privacy and security but the State Department says that there are no problems in these areas. LA Times. $2.5 Million Paid in Racism Case The world’s largest military contractor, Lockheed Martin, Inc. has paid former avionics electrician, Charles Daniels, a $2.5 million settlement. Daniels filed a lawsuit claiming racism on the job, including being called the N-word, threatened with death and being laid off.