Introductions: The New Guy at Racewire

By Kai Wright Mar 15, 2010

Hello Racewire fam! So I’m the new guy. Well, sort of. I’ve been contributing to ColorLines for years and, like you, loving the Applied Research Center’s work in creating a meaningful frame for dealing with race and justice in America. Now, I’ve joined the team as editorial director of ColorLines. That means a couple things. First, we’re plotting big, new things for you. In the coming months, we’ll relaunch as a robust, aggressive webzine dedicated to helping users hash out issues of the day. We’ll bring together the best of Racewire with the best of ColorLines to put the daily news in context and introduce new ideas on old challenges. Above all, we’ll put an increasing priority on reporting. We’ll dig up the information you need to truly understand an unfolding story — and we’ll be unafraid to help you act on the things we uncover. Along the way, we ask that you excuse our proverbial dust. We’ll be trying out new features, both here and over at ColorLines. Some will succeed and stay with us; others will fail miserably. We’ll do our best to identify the latter quickly and make them go away. But don’t hesitate to speak up if you see something you like (or, of course, something you don’t — just be nice about it). You’ll also see a lot more of my byline. I’ll be chiming in where I can on the range of issues I’ve been covering here and elsewhere — the economic collapse and our stalled recovery, political and corporate accountability, the politics of sex and more. If you care, you can learn more about my work here. But better yet, just keep reading and we’ll grow together.