Introducing FergusonNext

By Akiba Solomon Nov 26, 2014

As people of conscience continue to mourn the slaying of Michael Brown and protest the St. Louis grand jury’s decision not to indict his killer, Officer Darren Wilson, we’re also in search of solutions.

That’s why Colorlines, in partnership with, The Guardian U.S., The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The St. Louis American and St. Louis’ Riverfront Times, has helped launch and #FergusonNext, a website and hashtag that invites users to share their ideas about how to make change. 

On and via #FergusonNext on Twitter and Tumblr, you can share your solutions to the perfect storm of problems that lie beneath cases like Michael Brown’s. In 750 characters or less, take on racial segregation, law enforcement reform, court reform, and other issues. On the website you can also find the partners’ latest work and donate to the Brown Siblings Memorial Fund.

The core question of the project: "How can we work together to find justice?" 

Join us in finding the answers.