Internment in America

By Megan Izen Feb 11, 2009

I want to thank Joe Arpaio. He puts the proper face on sadistic anti-immigrant groups across the country. The Maricopa County Sheriff has brought the issue of immigration and inhumane detention centers to the forefront. Placing over two-hundred immigrant detainees in a Tent City, segregating them from US born incarcerated people, he has exposed our modern day internment camps.
Since 9/11, thousands upon thousands of immigrants have been detained and deported. Arpaio has illuminated detention centers for what they really are by erecting his Tent City since we don’t usually get to see them. Obama is closing Gitmo and secret prisons around the world, but what about here at home? We won’t restore our respect from the global community until we start addressing our own human rights violations. There’s a glimmer of hope with today’s court ruling that a class action lawsuit against Arpaio for abuses last year will proceed. Putting an end to the dehumanization of immigrants and creating real solutions for just immigration reform are critical to repairing our broken nation.