Is the Internet Really Free? See For Yourself

Designer Yuxi You's stunning visuals show who's censoring the Internet -- and how they're doing it.

By Jamilah King Feb 04, 2011

It’s been an underlying question over the past week and a half: How can technology help aid in political uprisings? As protesters in Egypt battle against increasing levels of violence and state-sanctioned repression, the battle over the country’s Internet — and, thus, an important to get the word out — has become crucial. Embattled President Hosni Mubarak may be on his way out the door, but not before ordering that most of the country’s Internet be shut down in a mostly failed attempt to spin the story in a more favorable light. Of course, Egypt’s not the first or only country that’s tried to censor Web access. Under far less perilous circumstances, the United States is in the middle of its own fight to keep broadband access open to users. And several other countries block degrees of access to, allegedly to maintain political stability.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the visuals created by designer Yuxi You to see who’s blocking what, where, and how.