Intel’s racist ad, apology

By Malena Amusa Aug 08, 2007

Tip to Afro-Netizen who reported this one:

The fact that Intel apologized for placing this ad only represents modest intelligence (read: enlightened self-interest). However, the reality is that some group of executives signed off on this ad to begin with. And that’s the real story. Can we dare make any assumptions about the level of diversity (or authority of Coloredfolk) in that room where this ad got the green light? Hmmm. . . . Now, let’s wait for the anti-apology apologists to decontextualize this ad and put forth: race-obsessed minority groups are too busy complaining to see how the ad agency only sought to honor the innate athleticism of Black men. In comment threads throughout the blogosphere, I foresee sentiments á la: "Jeez, you guys are sooo sensitive! Why does everything have to be about race with you people?!"