Inglewood Police Kill Unarmed Black Teen; New Jersey Jail Pays for Renovations With Imported Inmates

By The News May 15, 2008

Imported Inmates from Philly to Pay for New Jersey Jail Renovations Despite deplorable conditions, the Passaic County Jail in Paterson, New Jersey is negotiating to house 300 federal inmates from Philadelphia. The prison, known for its controversial record that includes losing a contract to house detained immigrants because of abuse allegations, would get $5 million in revenues for the inmates. Newsday. Italian Police Increase Immigrant Raids Immigrants suspected of living in Italy illegally are being arrested during raids across the country. Targeting immigrant housing camps, mmigrants from Romania, Albania, Greece, China and Morocco, were among those arrested. BBC. Another Sean Bell in Inglewood? Another unarmed Black man, 19 year-old Michael Byoune, was shot and killed by an Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officer in the early morning hours this week for what appears to be his innocent attempt to flee from gunfire. New America Media. Human Rights Group Delays Madonna’s Malawian Adoption A Malawian human rights group presented arguments on “shortcomings” in the southern African nation’s adoption laws, so Madonna won’t know until next week whether David Banda iwill become a permanent member of her family. MSNBC.