Infographic: Yes, Hollywood Is Still an Unequal Place for Black Filmmakers

By Jamilah King Apr 14, 2014

Whether or not you think that 2013 was indeed the "year of black film," the role of filmmakers of African descent in Hollywood is worthy of exploration. Not just because of the centrality of race in America, but also because enormous talent that, depending on the whims of the industry, gets ignored of validated in any given year.

The New York Film Academy has a new infographic that details that inequality faced by black filmmakers and actors. "In an attempt to place this current renaissance in Black Hollywood in a greater historical context, the New York Film Academy has put together a comprehensive infographic to detail 100 years of Black cinema while looking at more recent data to see how Black filmmakers and performers have been represented and employed over the past six years." Check it out after the jump.