Indiana Man Apologizes for Viral ‘Why I’d Hate to Be Asian’ Video

By Jamilah King Mar 08, 2013

Samuel Hendrickson is sorry. The Indiana student sparked widespread outrage this week when he posted a video listing all the reasons he wouldn’t want to be Asian. "Most Asians look alike," Hendrickson says in the video. "I don’t want to look like everyone else." The video also includes dumb remarks like "If I was an Asian man, chances are I’d probably be with an Asian woman and guess what? I don’t find Asian women attractive. Kill me." Hendrickson also lists not wanting to get "double chink eye" while smoking weed. The video was initially posted on Facebook and then re-posted on YouTube by a disgusted viewer. Hendrickson has been slammed as a "moron", "ignorant", and as a "loser" by outraged viewers on social media. After the video went viral on Thursday, Hendrickson tweeted out an apology. "Well, I’m hated by the entire Asian race apparently over a joke #bummer’. Later, he tried to get sincere. "I am honestly very, very sorry. I wlll take on your hate and words but I would like you to know, that I know what I was wrong. #imsorry"