Imus: Nothing New, Jill Nelson says

By The News Apr 09, 2007

(Nelson: “Norbit,” Eddie Murphy’s current movie, may be the most recent example of a black man putting on a dress and playing the fat, ignorant, loud, brown-skinned black woman as an object of ridicule and revulsion, you can bet it won’t be the last.) This Sunday, the NAACP called for the firing of popular radio host Don Imus who referred to the mostly-Black Rutgers’ women’s basketball team as "nappy-headed hos" on his show recently. Since making those comments, the bushy-haired host who’s noted for his searing insults has been rebuked by many Black leaders, including Rev. Jesse Jackson But as Jill Nelson points out in her column in Women in Media and News, Imus represents more than individual hate speech. Rather, he’s filing right in line behind a corporate style of entertainment that leaves little room for positive treatment of women of color. Nelson says:

Of course, one thing Imus has in common with many rappers – nappy headed bros? – and elected officials is understanding that there’s money to be made from insult and invective. Not to mention little risk insulting women, and colored women at that.

Read her full, important piece here.