Immigration Status on Restaurant Health-Grade Placards Proposal Rejected in Calif. County

A proposal for San Bernardino County restaurants to signify whether they check employee immigration status on their health-inspection placards was rejected Tuesday.

By Jorge Rivas Apr 25, 2012

San Bernardino County Supervisor Neil Derry’s proposal that would have required restaurants to inform customers if they perform immigration background checks on their employees didn’t make it through the Board of Supervisors Tuesday. San Bernardino is located 65 miles east of Los Angeles. Derry was the only one to vote for the plan which would have color-coded the A, B and C grade cards that restaurants receive during annual health inspections. His proposal suggested the cards that restaurants are required to display include a green background for restaurants that screen their employees and a red background for those that don’t. "I am disappointed that my colleagues ignored the health of the public and endorsed the stealing of American jobs by illegal workers during this devastating recession," Derry said in a statement after the vote. Derry also described the issue as a public health one. "Citing statistics by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention that the tuberculosis rate among foreign-born residents is 11 times higher than among U.S.-born residents," according to local San Bernardino news site [](