Immigration Rules Leave NY Apples to Rot; Black Churches Open Doors to LGBT Community

By The News Aug 21, 2007

Immigration Attack Leaves New York’s Apples Unpicked Many New York farmers, despite successful apple crops, do not have workers to help harvest the season’s crop due to recent immigration crack down. NYT. Study shows increased wages for Latino immigrants Still on the lowest end of the wage scale, the study shows there is less of the growing foreign-born Latino population making these wages than a decade ago. Associated Press. More Black Churches Open Doors to Gay Community While the Black community is portrayed as the most homophobic, recently more traditionally conservative Black denominations are openly welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in their congregations. Washington Post. Brooklyn Youth of Color Protest Neighborhood’s Gentrification More than 100 young people marched in Brooklyn last week to protest the transformation they feel is pushing them out of their neighborhood.