Immigration officials fall back on point-system politics; school racism project permitted

By The News Jul 18, 2007

After Protest, U.S. to Take Green-Card Applications. Isn’t this the point system guys? The U.S. government announced yesterday that it will accept applications for employer-sponsored green cards that it rejected earlier this month, after facing mounting public pressure, possible litigation and a cascade of flowers.The flowers came mostly from Indian immigrants who hold H-1B visas for highly educated and skilled workers, who were protesting the government’s refusal to accept the applications after it had invited them.–Washington Post Soames calls for immigration cut. This is scary. Immigration levels to the UK need to be cut to avoid "profound changes" in British society, MPs have been told.Senior Conservative MP Nicholas Soames warned there were "dangerous shoals ahead" unless the UK took action. –BBC No Sanctions in N.M. School Race Project. Lesson learned? School leaders in a southern New Mexico district will not face federal sanctions for allowing a high school project on racism in which students posted signs reading "Whites Only" and "People of Color" above water faucets, officials said.–Washington Post. FEMA endures a real meltdown. Guess it froze other post-Katrina plans. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has all this two-year old ice it doesn’t know what to do with, ice it bought both pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina as part of its preparations and response effort.How much ice? Around nearly 225 million pounds. That’s a lot of margaritas. –Chicago Tribune. A Cruel Distortion of History. Preach. To me, the most disturbing aspect about the Roberts Court’s integration decision is the enshrining of a "cruel distortion of history," to borrow dissenting Justice Breyers’ words.The "cruel distortion," of course, is the appropriation of the Brown case and the dishonest neo-conservative claim to being the true heirs of the Civil Rights legacy. –Sean Gonsalves for AlterNet Rapper 50 Cent Disses President George Bush. Tired of people just now turning on Bush. "George Bush has a talent: He has less compassion than the average human," 50 Cent said. "By all means, I don’t aspire to be like George Bush."– Obama on the War, Race and America’s Future. Oh, Obama. [on Black American vs. Black African affirmative action, Obama says]: Oh, I think that’s a divisive debate and a silly debate that we should not be getting into. –Farai Chideya for NPR Military Recruitment Sees Decline – Part II. Take a listen. The number of Army enlistees is dropping, especially among African Americans. David Bositis, of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, offers analysis on the recent data and explains what’s behind the change.–NPR