Immigration Legislation for Same-Sex Couples; Oscar Grant Advocates Call for BART Resignations; Recession Hits Immigrants Hard; American Indians Await Key Appointment

By The News Feb 13, 2009

Legislation to Offer Legal Residency for Same-Sex Couples Citing family reunification as a motivator, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy introduced legistlation that would extend the same immigration opportunities for same-sex couples as opposite-sex couples. AFP Oscar Grant Protesters Demand BART Resignations Advocates calling for end to police brutality demanded that two top BART executives resign for mishandling the investigation and public reporting of Oscar Grant’s murder. SF Chronicle Latino Immigrants Hit Hard by Recession Contrary anti-immigrant advocate claims, Latino immigrants are losing jobs at a higher rate than any other group according to a recent report by the Pew Hispanic Center. Reuters American Indians Outline Priorities for Obama Administration American Indian communities are hoping Obama’s choice for senior policy advisor to the president on Native American issues will start to address problems that have plagued their communities for decades, including inadequate healthcare, neglected schools, crime and substance abuse. VOA