Immigration Advocates Allege Unlawful Raids; Black Queer Hate Crimes Ignored

By The News Feb 26, 2008

Immigrant Advocates Accuse ICE of Illegal Searches "A privately convened commission of labor and immigrant advocates held the first of several planned nationwide hearings yesterday to publicize allegations that U.S. immigration officials routinely violate constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure during workplace raids." Washington Post. Obama Supporters Quietly Question His Safety Though Barack Obama seems confident in his Secret Service protection, many worry that his run for the presidency could end in death like Martin Luther King, Jr or Robert Kennedy. New York Times. Black, Queer and Ignored Kai Wright compares the media coverage around Matthew Shepherd’s killing to the deaths of Black queer youth and asks why no one cares about them. EEOC: Nooses Replaced N-Word As Choice Threat The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission saw a 24 percent increase in racial harassment complaints filed with the agency. A surge in the number of nooses reported has been cited as a major source for the numbers. Louisiana Weekly.