Immigrants Safe in San Francisco; MySpace Extends to Latinos

By The News Apr 08, 2008

MySpace Extends Site to Latinos Originating content that will focus on bands, celebrities, and soccer, MySpace will be expanding its site by adding eight bilingual online communities for the country’s booming Latino population. Associated Press. San Francisco Advertises As Immigrants’ Sanctuary In advertisements speaking English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, San Francisco officials are announcing to its immigrant residents that the city will not assist the federal government’s raids on their lives. New York Times. Warren Harding, President Passing as White As Barack Obama campaigns to become the first Black candidate, history may reveal that Warren Harding actually holds that title. William Estabrook Chancellor exposed claims of Harding’s blackness in the early 1920s, but there is no genetic proof yet. New York Times. Bush Finds Bipartisan Support for Prisoners’ Reentry Plan The President will sign the Second Chance Act in a public ceremony on Wednesday. This law will make rehabilitation a central goal of the federal justice system and authorizes $165 million in spending for more schooling and drug treatment inside prison and aid with housing, employment and the building of family and community ties after release. New York Times. Are Civil Rights Groups Becoming Obsolete? Some are questioning the relevance of the NAACP and SCLC and if they should fade away like SNCC because they cannot adapt to change. Others offer that’s work with Jena proves they may represent the new guard. Washington Post. Listen to Audio: NY Labor Unions Helping Fulfill MLK’s Dream of Equality New studies by the Fiscal Policy Institute and the Center for Economic Policy Research show that unions play a major role in lifting black workers to positions of equality. Public News Service.