Immigrants’ Kids File Lawsuit Against US, and Other News

By The News Jun 18, 2009

More Than 100 Kids Sue Over Parents’ Deportation The kids of hundreds of deported parents are filing a lawsuit against the government claiming their constitutional right to stay in the US is violated by the deportation of their parents. Some also say that because the breadwinning parent was deported, they are at risk of losing their homes and are suffering from psychological and physical hardship. ADC Calls for Investigation into Police Shooting of Arab Man The Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee is calling for an investigation into the shooting of Husien Shehada, an Arab-American tourist, by Miami Police on Monday. Witnesses say police approached them asking if Shehada “spoke Arabic” before shooting the unarmed man. Residents Protest to Re-Open Local IN Library Local supporters of Conley Library in Muncie, Indiana are protesting the library board’s decision to close down the library located in a predominantly Black neighborhood. The board says with steep budget cuts and low circulation of books at the library, Conley is a financial burden. NC Faith Group Pushes for Review of Death Penalty People of Faith Against the Death Penalty and other supporters are urging lawmakers to pass the North Carolina Racial Justice Act which would allow county and state judges to overturn a death sentence if the defendant can prove that race was a factor in the jury’s decision to impose the death penalty.