Immigrants Denied Due Process

By The News Mar 16, 2009

Immigrants Denied Due Process A computer analysis conducted by the Associated Press shows how tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants are denied due process and remain held in detention centers despite having no criminal records. Associated Press. Accountability for Georgia Deportation Program In Cobb County, Georgia, the 287(g) program that authorizes its law enforcement officers to act as immigration agents has been scrutinized by the Government Accountability Office for its failure to responsibly identify actual violent offenders from among the immigrants it incriminates. Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Jewish, Latino Teenagers Cross Cultures The Jewish-Latino Teen Coalition Program brings students together to discuss both the unique and similar talents, skills, and backgrounds they contribute, actively combating attitudes of ethnic ignorance and intolerance. Arizona Daily Star. Post 9/11 Arab Immigrant Story Told On Stage In Baltimore, the Dignity Players Theater Company has begun production on Arab-American playwright Yussef El Guidi’s "Back of the Throat," a drama exploring attitudes toward Muslims following 9/11. Baltimore Sun.