‘Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit’ Stickers Sold in Colorado Gas Stations

By Jorge Rivas Feb 13, 2013

Colorado’s 9News reporter Jeremy Jojola purchased an offensive anti-immigrant sticker at a Cenex gas station in Eaton, Colo., about 60 miles north of Denver.

The green sticker includes an outline of the continental United States with the words "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT HUNTING PERMIT" printed in large bold letters. The small rectangular sticker also includes includes a fake permit number.

The stickers were distributed by the Central States Novelty company. They describe themselves as the "largest, wholesale supplier of novelties, gifts, and general merchandise for the convenience store and truck stop industry in the Midwest."

They say all of their products are "guaranteed against defects, and our Mercandisers [sic] that service our customers’ stores are the Best in the Business."

However, they say nothing about being offensive.

LatinoRebels.com also point out the "immigrant hunting permit" isn’t a new concept, they’ve seen at least two other versions of the same sticker.