ICYMI: Water Bottles From Flint Repurposed to Create Chandeliers

By Yessenia Funes Jan 03, 2017

Residents of Flint, Michigan are turning their abundance of used water bottles into art. Most recently, volunteers created a 10-foot-long chandelier that hung from the Anton Art Center in Mount Clemens, Michigan during its Christmas market, reports the Detroit Free Press. In June, Flint toddlers also created a chandelier out of water bottles.

The latest display used 2,000 bottles. Volunteers spent approximately 100 to 120 hours hand cutting bottles to shape them into spirals. 


White doves surround the chandelier, conveying hope to a community which continues to rely on bottled and filtered water to meet their daily needs. Despite the crisis hitting the national spotlight in 2015, Mayor Karen Weaver is still struggling to finance the pipe replacement that will ultimately resolve the issue. On December 9, the Senate allotted the city $170 million to continue replacing the 29,000 lead-laden pipes. 


(H/t Detroit Free Press)