ICYMI: Watch Trevor Noah Go Off on Donald Trump in Blistering Rant

By Sameer Rao Sep 16, 2016

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah‘s" namesake host dropped all comedic pretense and dug right into Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during a blistering two-minute rant released on Wednesday (September 14). 

"Let me tell you about the greatest country in the world: the greatest country in the world is the country that accepts people who come in from everywhere in the world, Mr. Donald Trump," said the South African-born comedian about Trump’s xenophobic views. "And I know you think half the country is a ‘basket of deportables’—yeah, I said it, ‘deportables,’ not ‘deplorables’—but the good people of America know the greatest country in the world is the country where you can come in and create anything."

The kicker? This line: "For all you’ve been saying, you have a problem with people of color? Maybe you should look in the mirror, asshole, because you have the most color of all."

Watch the full segment above.