ICYMI: Listen to Kendra Foster’s Slow-Burning New Song, ‘Promise To Stay Here’

By Sameer Rao Apr 07, 2016

You likely know Kendra Foster’s music well, though you probably don’t realize it. The frequent D’Angelo collaborator and former Parliament Funkadelic singer contributed significant songwriting and backing vocals to the former’s 2014 masterpiece "Black Messiah." She also performed as part of The Vanguard, backing D’Angelo when he appeared on "Saturday Night Live"and wearing a shirt that read "I Can’t Breathe" during "The Charade."

Now, Foster breaks out on her own with the new song "Promise to Stay Here," which she premiered on Tuesday (April 5) via Billboard

"I was in a rocky relationship, touring constantly with PFunk, traveling to Huntsville to record, and my relationship was long distance," she says about the track’s inspiration. "I think of the song as the tie we hope that binds our soul mates or those who we believe to be that. A promise to provide each other with every greatness we can give of ourselves." 

She also told Billboard that her upcoming new album will cross genres while maintaining R&B roots: "The album is multidimensional like life in word and sound. At its root, it’s soulful."

Listen to "Promise to Stay Here" below.