ICYMI: Giuliani and Dyson Debate ‘Black on Black Crime’

By Carla Murphy Nov 24, 2014

Emotions over so-called black on black crime continue to run high. In a testy "Meet the Press" segment yesterday about Ferguson, NBC’s Chuck Todd couldn’t get a word in edgewise after former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani bemoaned the lack of attention paid to "black on black violence" by Todd, perhaps other media and show guest Michael Eric Dyson. A third guest, lawyer Anthony Gray who represents Michael Brown’s family, looked on. After highlighting cities around the country with disproportionately white police departments, Todd asks Giuliani, "How do you make a police force that looks like the community they serve?" Giuliani answers initially but quickly changes the subject to "black on black crime," a popular subject among both blacks and whites, that The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates has long pushed back against

Giuliani argues that black-on-black crime explains high white police presence. Watch above for Dyson’s response. 

(h/t Meet The Press)