ICYMI: 3 Suspects Arrested in Connection With the Shooting of Black Lives Matter Activists

By Kenrya Rankin Nov 25, 2015

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) announced yesterday, November 24, that it had arrested three men who allegedly shot into a crowd of people protesting the police killing of Jamar Clark in front of the 4th police precinct building. Five protestors were wounded in the shooting by three masked men whom Black Lives Matter—Minneapolis activists have described as White supremacists.

Allen Lawrence “Lance” Scarsella III, 23 was arrested in nearby Bloomington. Nathan Gustavsson, 21, and Daniel Macey, 26, turned themselves in. All three suspects are White. Officers had previously arrested another man, but let him go after determining that he was not present at the time of the shooting.

The StarTribune reports that the department has not yet decided it if will treat the shooting as a hate crime. MPD spokesperson Kyle Loven told press that the FBI—which is investigating Clark’s death—is “aware of the incident and is coordinating with the Minneapolis Police Department to assess the facts and determine if [it warrants] further federal action.”