ICE Raids Six States; Students Protest Schwarzenegger’s Cuts

By The News Apr 17, 2008

Poet Aime Cesaire DIes at 94 From Martinique, Cesaire was a poet and crusader for West Indian rights. "Cesaire helped found the "Black Student" journal in Paris in the 1930s that launched the idea of "negritude," urging blacks to cultivate pride in their heritage. His 1950 "Discourse on Colonialism" became a classic of French political literature." Miami Herald. Supreme Court Ruling Upholds Lethal Injection In a 7-2 ruling, the Court upheld the constitutionality of Kentucky’s lethal injection methods. In a dissenting opinion, Justice Ginsburg "listed several of these states and described the extra steps they have taken, to show that Kentucky could and should be required to do a better job." New York Times. California Students Protest Cuts to Education With Schwarzenegger’s decision to solve California’s budget crisis by cutting education funding, students are rallying in Sacramento to protest. The Orion. Six States Report Raids on Immigrants On Wednesday morning ICE agents raided a poultry plant in north Arkansas arresting 119 people they suspected to be working illegally. Immigration agents also served arrest warrants in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Georgia. Associated Press.