ICE Raids Houston Plant; Hawaii Pulled Into Immigration Debate

By The News Jun 26, 2008

Immigrant Women the Target of Houston Raid "Federal immigration agents arrested 160 employees on Wednesday in a raid on a used clothing and rag exporting plant. The authorities said it was the largest workplace raid ever here. Most of those arrested were from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, officials said, and 70 percent of them were women." New York Times. Judge Tosses Lawsuit to Challenge Special Order 40 "A judge Wednesday threw out a lawsuit filed by a Los Angeles resident who wanted to repeal a long-standing LAPD order that restricts when police officers may ask people about their immigration status." Los Angeles Times. Racial Slur Shakes Up Hawaii "Wetback,’ a term that is archaic and used only when intended to insult persons of Mexican ancestry has shattered the tranquil and paradise image of the Hawaiian island. Hawaii, which to date had not been drawn into the volatile immigration debate has now been plunged into the issue when Honolulu City Councilman Rod Tam used the term “wetback” not once, but twice during a public meeting." New America Media. Washington’s Native American Kids Most Likely in Foster Care A Washington state report looked at the 58,005 children referred to Child Protective Services in 2004 and followed them through 2007. It found the greatest racial disparity for Native Americans, who were nearly three times as likely to be referred to the system as whites, and twice as likely to linger in care. Seattle Post-Intelligencer.